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Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride having formula Cacl2 is an important salt of calcium having off-white color solid which is highly soluble in water. It is colorless and odorless salt.

Calcium chloride is derived from limestone as a by-Product of the Solvay process. It forms rare minerals as dehydrate and hexahydrate.

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Calcium chloride is such a versatile chemical, it is utilized in many industries and application areas, ranging from cheese production to melting ice.


Ca +   2cl    =>    Ca2+   + Cl2

Calcium salt combines with twice of chloride icons to form a iconic bond.

Grades of Calcium Chloride

1) Anhydrous

Anhydrous means there is no water left i.e. water of crystallization. The anhydrous form of calcium can help to provide moisture in concrete mixtures. As being the calcium anhydrous, it must be kept in a tightly sealed air tight container otherwise it is highly hygroscopic and can absorb moisture from air.

 It has different applications in various industries, it can be uses

  • Calcium Chloride (Calcl2) is mostly used for De-Icing of Ice & Snow from Roads and highways.
  • It is used as a binding agent in cement.
  • Calcium as solid is used as an accelerator in concrete industry.
  • It is used as desiccant (drying agent) to increase the hardness in water.

2) Calcium Chloride Dihydrate

Calcium Chloride Dehydrate can be represented by chemical formula CaCl2.2H2O is a white deliquescent compound at room temperature. It plays an important role in biochemistry. It is soluble in water. Its melting point is 176 ̊C (348.8 ̊F), density 1.85 g/cm3.

Uses of Calcium Chloride Dehydrate are:-

  • Calcium chloride Dehydrate is helpful in muscle contraction, maintenance of cell membranes and cell wall stability.
  • This grade of calcium Chloride having very specialized application in Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • For making solution of calcium chloride which acts as an antifreeze solution of source to be used in chilling pad.
  • It is even found in snack foods, to retard freezing of the caramel in cold conditions.

Uses and Applications:-

1) Calcium Chloride is used as brine for refrigeration plants and desiccation.

2) It is commonly used as an electrolyte in sports drinks and other beverages, including bottled water. The extremely salty taste of calcium chloride is used to flavor pickles while not increasing the food’s sodium content.

Waste Water Treatment

Heat Treatment Industry

Acceleration of setting of concrete

Calcium source in chemical process

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