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Grade of Calcium Chloride


This grade is manufactured in lumps and powder form. It has different applications in various industries, it can be uses

  • Accelerationg in concrete industry
  • oil drilling fluid
  • for absorption of moisture in solvents and gases
  • RAs binding agent in cement paint
  • For De-icing to melt Ice or Snow form Roads & Highways.

Anhydrous 98%+ - 2%

This is an extra pure material having very specialized application in Pharmaceutical Industry

Semi- Fused 72-75%

That is basic grade of calcium Chloride having very specialized application in Pharmaceutical Industry.

  • As a Calcium Source in manufacturing Different chemicals
  • Graphic/ Printing Industry
  • Heat Treatment Industry
  • In food processing industry for better shelf life in fruits & vegetables.
  • As coagulant in Rubber industry
  • For Acceleration of curing of concrete
  • As a hydrogennating agent of starch in glue & pasting gums.
  • For making solution of calcium chloride which acts as an antifreeze solution of source to be used in chilling plad.
  • In binding of pvc components.

For cement paint 92-95%

This product is specially manufactured for cement paint industries for better results. Being of high percentage it helps in supply of suficient moisture to cement paint Liquid 30 to 36% (sp. gr. 1.30 to 1.36) Available in liquid form as per required ph value & percentage.

  • Lieu of common (Sodium Chloride) in refrigeration system as brine having antifreeze properties upto 40C
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Heat Treatment Industry
  • Acceleration of setting of concrete
  • Calcium source in chemical process

Note:- pH can be adjusted to 8.00 plus to avoid corrosion in the refrigeration plansts.